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To the public Ramona is the daughter of Jennifer Walters and Aeron Howell, most known for her cheerful disposition and lack of a green alter-ego. The subject of her powers is one Ramona maintains tight-lipped about when asked, always stating that "[she's] the bait!" Though she's otherwise an open book in interviews, Ramona prefers to avoid the paparazzi while out and about. Her talent at doing so has spawned the favored theory that her powers involve invisibility. Otherwise the young woman comes off as a sweet, if slightly air-headed rich girl pursuing a useless degree in folklore.

Ramona finds it all very amusing, really.

In actuality, Ramona is a goddess born of parthenogenesis and the youngest of a race sworn to vengeance for the destruction of their people and culture during the Zhou Dynasty. Her powers are heavily rooted in nature and illusions, the latter of which are primarily altering of perception and with some altering of reality. Under the tutelage of her great-grandfather Count D she has begun to study magic, currently focusing on expanding a very minor shape-shifting ability. She's hoping to turn into a jackalope.

In the field with her family or other heroes Ramona goes by Kafka, specializing in infiltration and espionage. In battle Ramona is a savage creature, using her sharp teeth and above-average baseline strength with little care as to her opponent's well-being. Though she is familiar with any number of side-arms, the goddess prefers weaponry that will allow her close proximity to her prey, as it helps to soothe the violent urges she reigns in for the sake of her family.

Mun and muse are over eighteen.
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